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Please mark on your calendar for 27-28 November:
6th KMD Forum “KMD Factory” is coming!

Hi, this is Miyo from PLAY: Entertainment Media Design.
I have been working for “Social Things”: Project exploring new aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) as a research in collaboration with Ericsson.

Early this year, team members from KMD visited Ericsson’s research labs in Stockholm to introduce our latest updates, prototypes and current discussions around the topic in mention.

Lets have a quick overview of our experience.

Sunday, February 8th – DAY 1

Arriving at Stockholm  after 17 hours flight from Tokyo via Munich (having sausages and beer while waiting to be onboard)



Since it was already late at night and we were deadly tired, we just did the check-in, got some water and snacks from the 7-Eleven, and slept to be fresh and ready for the next day.




Monday, February 9th – DAY 2

God morgon (= Good morning) Sweden ~~!


KMD 稲蔭先生


This was our first day visiting Ericson’s lab.  We took the metro and walked through an snowy path in Stockholm.




 ー Be careful not to slip!

 ー Look at that!






ー Welcome to Ericsson Studio!!




We were really glad and amazed.  We enjoyed looking around the studio, walking by the different projects showcased, listening some of Ericsson project stories and latest approaches to technology and design.


 ー So Excited!, I just found a signature of Nobel Prize winners in Physics 2014 on the wall!




After having shared our project’s concept and current prototypes as introduction and work in progress, we were divided into two groups: Design and Technology.

The design group would concentrate on defining the experience and the reasons to believe in social things; while the technology group would look at how to imrpove the current prototypes, find a common agreement on technicalities and better ways to deploy interaction.  All these activities were managed as open workshop session.




As a reward of our hard work, we closed the day by having a traditional Swedish dinner altogether.

ー How is this called? Is it fish or beef? how could I eat that?

 ー What a delicious way to end the journey.


Tuesday, February 10th – DAY 3


 ー How far do you know about Ericsson?


 ー Today we joined a studio tour and learned about Ericsson’s history:


Ericcson was founded in 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop by Lars Magnus Ericsson.  The phone on the guide’s hand is the first phone from Ericsson in 1878.  1878!

There were no batteries, no power, no bell; so instead use a whistle to make a phonecall.









And this was our last day at Ericsson studio.  We shared each team’s progress for the past 2 days, tried to align efforts and plan next steps to follow.





Students team shot in Stockholm.




Wednesday, February 11th – DAY 4


What a short trip!

We have to say “Good bye” to Sweden.  Hope to see you soon




For more information about Social things,

A video of the Special Session in Sweden is Available on Youtube.


【KMD Channel】Professor Masa Inakage -The World Where Things Behave Like Living Beings Ericsson and KMD “Social Things”-

Masa Inakage, Dean and Professor at KMD, interviews Mr. Mikael Anneroth from Ericsson Sweden.


There is an article about this project on KMD Brochure 2015/1026 (Page 7).


Besides you can see our demo at the KMD forum!

We will be waiting for you!

Thank you for reading.



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