“Haptics world through Macro Lens” Photo Essay Gallery by Masashi Nakatani

This mini essay  will discuss the relationship between visual expression and tactile feelings through close up photos.

TopPagePhoto_CroppedMasashi Nakatani, Ph.D.
Project Associate Professor

Biography : After receiving a Ph.D. in engineering, Masashi Nakatani worked for four years in cosmetic industry where he developed a haptic sensor system that evaluated softness of human skin. He returned to academic research in the spring of 2012 and has been conducting interdisciplinary research between sensor engineering and skin physiology. He also pursues to make a connection between research outcomes in academia and industry, represented by his recent inter-lab activity called TECHTILE (TECHnology based tacTILE design) project.

He conducted multinational collaborations with the BioRobotics lab at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, USA), with the Haptics lab at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), and with the skin
physiology lab at Columbia University Medical Center (New York, NY, USA).



日時 : 2015年11月27・28日(金・土)10:00 〜 18:00
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東京都 品川区東五反田5−25−19

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