People are moved, when they see things move.

Rattling cogwheels, jet of steam, hands of people moving restlessly...
Small individual parts, one day, it becomes a big movement. And somehow, this is what moves people's heart.

8 years have passed since KMD started up.
What is KMD? What movemet does it make?
To show that, KMD Forum has been taking place every year since 2010.

Not just making each small parts,
we make the whole with those particulars,
and send them out with strong purpose in each. Real Projects, idea of DTMP,
these pipes cross with each other and leads to the society.

This is how we see KMD as a factory.


『KATO Model Train Layout』×『Design Thinking』


Collaborating with the co-reasearch partner Kato, this project will show case an antique den style model and diolama of railway made by using Design Thinking. We will create the experience to feel "small immersion" of the railway model.     



Couple mobility [Lap] aims to make the couple have a closer relationship and help them to explore places where they are not familiar with. While connceted with the travel destination, the couple will enjoy the open space which only belongs to themselves. What's more, their memories will be recorded by the car. We believe that couples will be more into each other by having this experience.

Super Human Sports

Superhuman Sports

「"Super Human Sports" is a type of sport which anyone can enjoy in anywhere and anytime. Here, we will exhibit the outcome and activity of our research on this future sports.



Please come and feel the world of Blues and ROCK by ichiro, a lecturer of OIKOS MUSIC PROJECT POPS&ROCK research.


Pop Power

Project Cip aims to build digital and contents industrial center in Takeshiba,Minato-Ku. Our goal is to build up a place combining the functions of research center , human develpment ,start-up incubator and business matching.

Information bank

Network Media

Our research is about how to manage personal information on the Internet. Information bank aims to become the hub of managing personal information where personal information is well protected and free to be used in different ways.

Virtual Window


Virtual Window is a project to create a window-like display. Users will be able to feel the expanse of space by change of vision with motion parallex. This is concidered to apply for technology such as 360 degree viewing and interactive advertisement.

Social Things


Project Play is a project that proposes new ways of IoT ( Internet of things ) . We will show case how things will work in the world of Social Things where things would be arbitrarily connected and interactive with each other.

Future Craftmanship Project

Creative Industry

Future Craftmanship Project aims to design a better future for traditional Japanese crafts by having special viewpoint, design skits and degital technologies. Right now we are focusing on bringing refreshing technique cultivated by industry of Urushi in Sabae, Fukui, "

Nyoki Nyoki Mamenoki


Climb the beanstalk to bring back the rain taken away by a demon! This VR game uses rope device and CG, expressing the experience of climbing to height. Recieved Laval Virtual Award and a VR Soceiety Award (the Runner-Up Award).



Projection Doors gives the value to existing commercial architecture, which varies from Illumination to advertisement use. Coordinated with the doors’ movements, images projected on the door screen changes according to people’s behaviors.

Bus Signage in Singapore


Probe information system is noticed as new trend of service in Intelligent transport system. In this project, we conduct verification test in Syngapore aiming to develop a contents transmitting platform based on surrounding environment including probe information and location information.

Digital Ehon

Digital Kids

Collaborating with NPO Canvas which set up in November 2002, Digital Kids aims to offer [child events place ] and support its development by holding workshops collaborated with industry-government-academia.



Gesit is German meaning "Mind". This project focuses on understanding our Gut feeling and Embodiment to augment our intellect and Skills using Technology including eyewear devices.

Global Education

Global Education

We support people having education around the world by preparing environment, and creating new style of education for them to teach and learn across the border using technology.

JST ACCEL Embodied Media Project

Reality Media

This project aims to produce Embodimented Media for future generations which sends people's active physical experiences beyond time and space by implementing transmission technique of tactile sensation based on the idea of haptic primary colour principles and making it able to handle as a medium likewise vaudio-visual.

SONY × KMD Enchanted Media Project

Reality Media

Goal of this project is to create new media which users could share and direct their own physycal experience, and we have designed and developped "Photobrella", an umbrella which you can record your daily life dramatically, and "Dramagic", which enchants the kids' playroom.



Due to the possibility of our guests’ sudden change in plans, this schedule can be subject to change. Please be understanding of this beforehand.



Date  :  November 27(Fri)・28(Sat), 2015
10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM
Venue :  Tokyo Design Center Gotanda - Check in app

5-25-19 Higashi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo Design Center

Getting There :  2minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line / Gotanda Station
Located in front of the Exit A7 of Asakusa Line
3minutes walk from Tokyu Ikegami Line / Gotanda Station
3minutes from Meguro exit ramp of Expressway Route 2



Please come and see the works in KMD!

You need only 2 minutes to apply for invitation.

After the applcation is confirmed, you will be sent your 4 digit serial number by e-mail.

There will be some privilages so please apply if you are interested.

We are waiting to see you there.

  • Fast Pass to the show case
  • Free coffee made by KMD Factory
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